Norge | 05.02.2021

Vi skal utvikle Ski stasjonsby

Great news! We have won the competition to design the future Ski station south of Oslo – an ambitious project for Bane NOR Eiendom with the aim to transform the station area into a mixed-use district, in close symbiosis with the existing public transport hub. Together with SLA, we have won the assignment to transform the eastern part of the station area into a combination of hotel and office facilities. Our proposed design rises from two floors up to 15, contributing to Ski’s central importance for the entire region of Follo. By building high, we will also release more space at street level for a new public square in the northern part of the building site, providing enhanced connecting to the existing city grid and contributing to a stronger urban life. We thank Bane NOR Eiendom for trusting us with this project to establish new commercial facilities and public meeting places at this central transport hub, while preserving and strengthening the existing qualities of Ski. In the months ahead, we look forward to engaging in a productive dialogue with Bane NOR Eiendom, Nordre Follo kommune, and the local citizens – not forgetting LPO arkitekter and Grindaker AS landskapsarkitekter, whom we congratulate on their winning design for the western part of the station area.

Vi har vunnet konkurransen om å utvikle Ski stationsby sør for Oslo – et ambisiøst prosjekt for Bane NOR Eiendom med mål om å transformere det 140.000 kvadratmeter store stasjonsområdet til et blandet distrikt med boliger, butikker, kontorer og hoteller. Sammen med SLA skal vi transformere den østlige delen av området til en kombinasjon av kontorer og et hotell som vil reise seg opptil 15 etasjer, og dermed markere Ski som en sentral del av Follo-regionen.